Lose weight the healthy way.

Did you know that most of the trendy diets cause significant muscle loss? This lowers your metabolism making it harder to burn fat. It becomes easier to regain the weight and many experience weight gain that surpasses the initial amount of weight loss.

The solution is to lose fat without losing your muscle.

It takes hard work to build muscle - it's worth protecting.

Get professional solutions and strategies for losing fat without losing muscle.

Track your muscle and your percentage of body fat with one of the most precise systems available.

Optimize and accelerate your success with an approach that is customized for your lifestyle & health profile.




Clinique Imperia
Nutritionist • Dietitian • Naturotherapist
| Montreal, Quebec, Canada.



  1. Cancer: Link to Obesity
  2. Nutri-Eval™ in 1 minute
  3. Height: feet vs meters
  4. Weight: KG vs lbs
  5. BMI Classification
  6. Parasites & Behaviour
  7. Nutritionist vs Dietit-
  8. Obesity and Disease
  9. Weight loss per week








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